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We provide following services to residential properties


Amana Electric can meet all of your residential electrical needs including panel & service upgrade (from 60 amp to 100 amp or 100 amp to 200 amp), sub panel installations, renovations, basement development, plugs and switches, garage wiring, hot tub installations, spa & sauna wiring, aluminum wiring repairs & upgrading, home automation, lighting, led lighting, fixture conversion to led, new or custom home infill construction.

Home Safety Checks

A regular check is critical to maintaining the safety of your living space. An Edmonton electrician will identify hazards that could potentially result in a fire or electrical incident linked to light switches, outlets, and related items. Inspections should be completed at the purchase of a new home, when a house is 40+ years, after adding an appliance or after major renovations.


Residential lighting provides indoor and outdoor illumination that adds interest and value to your home. An Amana Electric technician can repair a faulty light fixture, install track or recessed lighting, or provide consultation and install feature lights that offset your landscaping.

Second Opinion

Sometimes home projects such as remodels and additions require in-depth electrical wiring that is difficult for a homeowner or remodeler to complete. If you aren’t sure about the proper course of action for your project, calling an electrician for a second opinion can be beneficial to your pocket and your safety in the long run.

Generator Installation

Permanent standby generators are great for ensuring your family stays up and running in the case of a bad storm. An Amana Electric electrician can help you choose the proper size generator, provide you with maintenance tips and install the generator to meet local, provencial, and federal codes.

Power Outage

If you are experiencing a power outage or have a downed power line outside your Edmonton home, it’s time to call a local electrician. Power lines and meters attached to a house are the homeowner’s responsibility, so it’s advisable to call a local electrician for repairs in the event of a power outage or damaged electrical equipment.



We provide following services to commercial properties


Construction is always a great reason to call Amana Electric. If you are in the process of building a new office for your company we can install your electrical system to city, state and federal regulations. Our services are reliable and will last many years without the need for repair.


Calling an electrician for wiring is a smart move if your business recently added an addition or purchased an older building. Amana Electric can safely run new wiring through your building or repair faulty wiring that is old and outdated without damaging the rest of your office space.

Energy Saving Consultation

If you suspect that your company is wasting money on energy, an Amana Electric technician can suggest energy saving units for your business. Wireless lighting controls and energy efficient light bulbs are just a few of the options you can choose from with the help of a local electrician.

Defective Lighting

Blinking lights? Faulty thermostat? Your local electrician can remedy these problems with ease. Sometimes defective lighting is the result of a hard-to-reach bulb going out or a deeper issue with the wiring. An experienced professional can detect any problems and have your lights back on in no time.

Security Systems

We specialize in many services including security system installation within Edmonton and the surrounding area. For large-scale systems that create special wiring and electrical set-up our technicians can install and test units like motion-sensored lights, doorbells, and alarms for your peace of mind.


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